how to check engine hours on suzuki outboard

Drink Holders. Hardware, Boat Cabin Top 10 Choices for Boaters, Outboard Expert: Marine Oil for Outboard Engines. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Just by going off of the hour meter on the boat. The tach should jump to a reading between 0 and 5000 3. Savers, Boat Trailer Guides & Just take a 0 off the tach reading and that is your hours 3000 rpm is 300 hours. Remove the emergency stop switch lanyard. The number is only half of the story. Covers, Boat Cover Bullet Skimmer, Paint and Hardware, Boat Seat So there is no way of really telling how many hours an engine has. Yeah, That's in the Manual, too. Press the Odo/Trip button until the odometer is put into ODO mode. & Rings, Prop Nut Kits & I assume there must be a more accurate way to tell? Towers, Tow Ropes & This step is usually overlooked, but it is actually very important. Maximizes the longevity of your Suzuki outboard. Dollies, SportsStuff Great Big Terminals, Marine Fuse Blocks & Axles, Boat Trailer Tie This can be done by following a few key steps, such as regularly cleaning the engine, checking fluid levels, and tightening any loose parts. Make careful to check the tightness of all bolts, nuts, and other fasteners before using your Suzuki outboard. To ensure that your battery system is in good working condition, simply check the batteries regularly. This is based on industry studies that claim that the average boater uses his engine for 200 hours per year. How does one check the hours on these? This system is responsible for moving the outboard motor up and down in the water. Holder, Anchor & Dock It lists all of the key information. Divide the reading number by 10 to get the number of hours. Handles, Life Jackets & former editor at Boating Magazine and contributor to many national publications Deals, Electrical 2. Deals, Camping & RV so they can obtain the accurate information before going to the site. displacement. Find the hour meter in your boat's dashboard or instrument panel. Hardware, Boat So if you do the calculation, an outboard motor should give you 7-8 years of relatively hassle-free time on the water Blocks, Marine Vinyl, Floating Boat Accessories, Boat Lift Canopy Instruments, VHF Radios & If you see any, then the thermostat will need to be replaced. Then you have an engine that isnt worth any money, regardless of only having 150 hours.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'bornagainboating_com-banner-1','ezslot_14',109,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-bornagainboating_com-banner-1-0'); This is why whenever most people ask the question of how many hours are a lot for a boat. Sealant, & Parts, Wash Down When it comes to the engine hours on a boat. Parts, Inflatable This is why the beauty of the engines made since the year 2000 is so nice. Now, Shop Deals, Boat Seats How To Tie Up A Boat! Covers, Boat Seat I wouldnt bat an eye buying a motor with 1,000 hrs. Shop Get Your Own Born Again Boating Apparel! Some boaters rely on the old-school method of pen and paper logging. All rights reserved. Cushions, Lexington You can easily navigate to displaying the hours by hitting the mode button for most gauges. AN Fish Finder: ACCU-FISH, Enhanced detection of fish echoes using FURUNO Digital Filter (FDF, Designed to operate over a broadband range of frequencies utilizing a broadband transducer, Clear presentation separates bottom structure from bottom fish, and bait fish from game fish, FURUNO Free Synthesizer transceiver to let you choose any two operating frequencies from 28 to 200 kHz, Sidebar detection range is up to 200 m in a 120-degree swath port and starboard direction*, Deep water, main beam penetration directly under the boat is approx. Shelters, Boat The serial number is printed on a plate that is attached to the clamp bracket on the motor. What does guardian active mean on a boat? Blocks, Marine Tables, Minn Kota Next, remove the oil filter and replace it with a new one. Maintenance, Boat Cleaners & Ventilation, Interior & Cabin Tilt outboard vertical (not tilted) position when checking engine oil. Tables, Minn Kota Locks, Boat Deck The factors will range also depending on the owner of the boat as well! Guide, Boat All rights reserved. The first oil change is at the 20-hour service and then every 6 months or 100 hours. It is no longer necessary to remove the engine cover and Plumbing, Anchor Hardware, Marine Boarding, Paddles & You will need help from the friend or chain hoist. You must log in or register to reply here. If Guardian System is activated, the system must be reset before. 4-Stroke (DF) Outboard Models DF 2.5 DF 4 DF 6 DF 15 DF 20 DF 25 DF 50 DF 60 DF 70 DF 100 DF 115 DF 140 DF 200 DF 225 DF 250. Neglecting your outboard or using them without constant check-ups tend to cause various problems. etc.Used boats from Japan - Simply remove the old anodes and replace them with new ones. For a gas-powered engine. The run time record of this almost-new Mercury Optimax outboard shows 2.7 hours of total time, and then breaks the time down in 1000-rpm increments. Get information for your country or region. In order to be used by as many customers as possible. Get information for your country or region. Go back and re-read your owner's manual - you are interpreting it incorrectly. Collect engine data, determine active faults, run engine tests and efficiently diagnose problems. Plumbing, Fresh Water Boat & Dock, Anchor Chains & Turn off the ignition switch and reinstall the stop switch lanyard. What position should oil be in outboard motor? They can obtain engine information more easily. GPS Chartplotter and Fish Finder Combo, Find Products, Carbon Monoxide & Make sure that you do not over-lubricate, as this can actually cause more problems than it solves. You have to rely on the hour meter that is on the console. Sound Measurements (dBa) For more information Suzuki Marine Dept TBM 3251 E. Imperial Highway Brea, CA 92821-6795 (800) 247-4704 Liked it? Deals, Pumps & Plumbing Hour meters are an important tool for caring for your boat. Protection, Dock Storage & In addition it works with Yamaha snowmobiles and personal . Have to deal with the condition and care of the engine! is part of the Boats Group Network. You can also replace the fuel or engine oil filter if it is more than two years old, even if you dont see any contaminants. We have been working in the marine industry for over a decade and will do what we can to help you enjoy more time on the water on your boat! All, Boat Bimini JavaScript is disabled. Boat Gel Coat - Spectrum Color, Pumps and Pumps, Marine Pump Replacement The ominous little "check engine Ski, Wakeboard 2020 Suzuki 250hp 4 stroke outboard check engine temperature light flickers around 2500-3000rpm (20mph) no alarm sound. CREATE Hitches, & An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. PFDs, Roof Racks, Carriers, Deals, Electrical Covers, Boat Seat Download APK file from this website. To use it, a smartphone running Android or iOS is required. Using a grease gun, apply grease through these fittings regularly, as recommended in your owner's manual. Biminis, RV & Trailer back to idle, or to the required reduced throttle position, resets. Proper break-in is critical to a new or rebuilt engine's overall longevity. Simply tighten any that you notice are loose. Forums, Find For accurate readings, check oil only when engine is cold or after engine has not run for at least an hour. If you dont keep an eye on the tightness of these fasteners, then they can eventually loosen to the point where they fall off, which can cause serious damage to your outboard motor. How to Buy a Boat: Tips for a First Time Buyer, Top 10 New Fishing Boats for Under $20,000, What Type is Right for You? Is it a good, reliable engine? Kits, Boat Trailer Engine hours were tracked by the physical gauge on some of these manufacturers. A power trim fluid is used to lubricate the power trim and tilt system. Have your dealer check the engine. Pumps, Livewell Aerator Pumps Battery Charger, Marine Audio & Tops, Other Terminals, Marine Fuse Blocks & I have looked through the manual and tried every setting in the dials but can't get the engine hours. Here is the process to raise it manually. Every 100 hours of use or once yearly, it is important to do the following: A Suzuki outboard motor should have the oil and filter replaced every 100 hours of use or once yearly, whichever comes first. You might be asking what they mean and: How Do You Check Boat Engine Hours? Parts, Inflatable Even a poppet valve! Conducting a thorough inspection of the thermostat every 100 hours of use or once yearly will ensure that it is in good working condition and does not need to be replaced. Enhances navigation by receiving critical navigation information from local AIS-equipped vessels, Built-in AIS Receiver for situational awareness, Class D DSC with Distress, Individual and All Ship calls, 30 W PA/Loud Hailer with automatic fog signals and listen back, Inexpensive heading sensor with the highest accuracy and stability in this class of equipment, High stability for a solid-state rate gyroscope, Provides highly accurate heading data for Autopilot, Radar, and Chart Plotter, Provides accurate heading data for Autopilot, Radar, and Chart Plotter. GPS Chartplotter and Fish Finder Combo, Find Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Login, Boats So, if you do the math, an outboard engine should provide you with 7-8 years of reasonably trouble-free boating. The 100-hour annual outboard maintenance is a more in-depth inspection and service than simple routine maintenance. Now, Shop Whether it is 200, 400, 500, 700, or even thousands! Financing, Iboats And How to Make Them Last Longer! Biminis, View Racks, Fish Finders, Sounders & How To Get More Hours From Your Boats Engine, With Fewer Breakdowns! It will have the model number, serial number, and month and year of manufacture printed on it. The gearcase lubricant should be replaced every 100 hours of use or once yearly. Fishing Lures, Fishing Rod Holders & Copyright 2019 IBOATS. Engines built in the last 20 years will store the hours on the engine computer and can be read via the gauge or a diagnostic computer. Jacks, Boat Trailer Brakes & Or the average for when is it time to sell? Charles Plueddeman is's outboard, trailer, and PWC expert. Engine hours can be checked by looking at the hour meter for older engines. Because we need to figure out what the question really is here. achris More fish than mountain goat Joined May 19, 2004 Messages 27,467 May 6, 2016 #10 As for an hour-meter. You should also get a tone every 200 hours to alert you to change the oil. And how it works!if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'bornagainboating_com-leader-4','ezslot_23',114,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-bornagainboating_com-leader-4-0'); Aaron has been working in the Marine Industry for over a decade and holds certifications for Yamaha and Mercury Marine. 500 + 100 = 600 hours. Precision Marine is the leading provider of Suzuki outboard motor maintenance and repair services. How often should I change the oil on my 4 stroke outboard? A few months ago my brother-in-law, Todd, was shopping for a used . Accessories, Electronic Navigation Lighting, Marine Teak Fenders, Boat Trailer The engine itself stores the engine hours on the computer on the engine! I know historically the revs when you first turn the key showed you but as the first service is at '20 hours!' Aside from the lubricants and fuels, you should also check the outboard motor for tightness to the boat transom. So, in the end, to get the most accurate engine hours, you will want to hook the engine up to a computer. Engine hours can be checked by looking at the hour meter for older engines. Maintenance, Fiberglass & Epoxy the system. We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to: No matter what service you need, our team of experts is here to help. Works on any Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet running Windows XP, 7, 8.1 or 10) That is what is considered a lot. again from memory per 100rpm indicated every 10hrs run, so if rev counter goes 200rpm that's your first 20 hrs, 500 rpm 50 hrs, 600rpm 60hrs etc etc, then when in time it gets over 500 hours, it's a combination of a light flashing, can't remember which and the rev counter but by that time hopefully you will have got a user manual for the engine which does detail it all.. High Back Reclining Helm Seat, Cabin and To replace the gearcase lubricant, first, remove the drain plug from the bottom of the gearcase and allow all of the old lubricant to drain out. Communication, Auto Pilot connect a personal computer. Boat Repair, Boat Paint & Parts, Rule 1500 GPH Automatic Im talking about 6, 7, and 8,000-hour ranges! How much oil does a Suzuki 115 outboard take? Handles, Life Jackets & The Suzuki Multi-Function Display gives you access to all your Suzuki engine information so you can easily and quickly see the performance of your outboard/s in one clear view. Suzuki Oil Change Kit for DF70A/90A/115A/140A with 6 quarts of Oil and 16510-61A31 Filter. Breakers, Power Packs & Jump Suzuki Marine Outboard Engine Periodic Maintenance Service Schedule Service Item 20 Hours (1 month) Every 200 Hours Spark Plugs Fuel Line Replace every 2 years PCV System Replace PCV/Breather Hose every 2 years Engine Oil Replace Replace. The lap top tells the story. Platforms, Slide Tops, Bimini Top Galley, Barbeque All, Anchor & The scan tool supports 1996-up MerCruiser Thunderbolt V ignition modules. Biminis, View Without knowing what kind of condition the engine is in, then the number of hours doesnt really tell us much. Anchor Box Anchors, Fishing Rod & Reel Things can pop up in the water in the way at any moment! Biminis, Paint and

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